Where to find the greatest free fonts on the web

There are a gazillion font list sites out there and a lot of them have a horrible "sweet" ratio. Here are some of what I think have the better rations of good to bad.

  • Outlaw Design
    A nice list of grungy type fonts.
  • fontcubes.com
    Great font site with an excellent web 2.0 interface for picking and downloading the fonts.
    exljbris This guy has an amazing set of typefaces. I like that he gives some of them away and he charges for some of the weights. I've bought 3 of these and they are very reasonable. All high quality. I especially like Fontin and Diavlo.
  • fonts500 This is a list of only 500 fonts compiled from other free font websites. The interface is really simple and the site divided into pages. You can even type in your own text and have the site show you that text with the different fonts. This is a great feature because I'm often looking for fonts with accent marks for spanish. You can also download all of the fonts for under $3 (this is just a download fee since the fonts are themselves free, but a good way to support the site.
  • Chank Chank is a famous font designer an typeface artist who has a nice collection of fonts both free and paid. The fonts on his site are not always his and reflect his personal sense of style which may not be yours. He releases fonts often so check back every couple of months. I've used many of his free fonts. Always check the licensing of free fonts to make sure you can use them in commercial projects if that's what you need them for.
  • Urban Fonts Another great font site. It's always better to look for font sites with compilations of fonts from other artists. Any compilation of fonts online is going to give you someone's perspective on what are good fonts, which will clean up some of the garbage out there. Check out the Top 100 fonts for a list of the better sites.

Smashing Magazine also has an excellent Free Fonts of the month section. If you haven't subscribed to their RSS feed, this is definitely a winner.

Not free, but good:

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