How to set up up a password protected directory using 1 & 1

Log in to your customer account


Go to the 1 and 1 homepage and click on customer login, then type in your customer ID and password to get to your control panel.


Log in


Click on Protecting Directories on the GO DIRECTLY TO list of the icon towards the bottom of the screen


Click on New User


Click on the New User button to create a new user


Fill out User Information


You can create users and give them access to different folders in your server. One user can have access to different password protected folders.

  1. Fill out a username
  2. Fill out a password. Choose something secure.
  3. Repeat the password
  4. The description is optional, but you can put a note to give you more information about this user if you want.

Choose a Directory


The directory is the folder that you'll be giving a user access to. You'll need to choose a folder that is already in your server's hard drive or create a new one.

You have the option of either 1. Choosing a folder that is already there or 2. Creating a folder from scratch. You might have to provide some more information (3) like the directory name in order to add it to this user.


Verify the folder has been added


Once you've added the directory, it should appear here. If your website address is, then to get to this directory, you would use on your browser. You can add additional directories to this user until you're done by continuing to add to his list.

When you're done, click OK.


Click on the next screen to go to your overview


If you were successful in creating the user, then you'll see this screen. It doesn't always take 30 minutes for this to be done. Click on Go to Overview.




Your protected directory should appear on this list.


Verify the access is working


To verify things worked, go to your url (In this case http:/ on your browser, enter your username and password and click on the Log In button.


No files on that folder


If you get a screen like this, it means that the password protection worked, but that you don't have anything on that folder that is viewable. If you're pointing to a folder, the folder should have an index.html file. Once you place a file in the folder via FTP, you can point to the file. So if you upload a file called mygraphic.jpg, the URL to the file will be

NOTE: If you've entered the password once for that folder, then next time you go to any file in that directory, it will not ask you for the password again. It caches or remembers that information throughout your entire session. If you quit your browser and restart it, then it will ask for the password again.

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